When users are unable to do bigpond email login in their existing account there are mainly two reasons for that.  Either user is entering wrong email addresses or wrong password. In case of wrong password there is need to reset or recover the password. First of all users should ensure that they have provided an accurate and up to date email address or phone number. Updating alternate email addresses and phone number is very essential for bigpond password recovery. Here we will be discussing few steps by which user can recover their password but after following all these steps if the problem is not resolved they can go for bigpond email help.

Bigpond password recovery

Many times users receive notification from bigpond for changing password and usually the users follow it and change the password frequently. Now user may remember the password that they had in last week or in last month but they may have forgotten the current password. User may have forgotten it but bigpond still remember it but you cannot get it right away. But going through a validation process user can set a new bigpond password by which they can regain access of their account.

What users can do for bigpond password recovery?

  • When user  logged in the account

When user wants to change their password when they are logged in. They have to follow few steps if the user wants to reset the password while they logged in. First of all user have to click on the profile icon and select settings from their logged in account. Then they have to click on the password tab. And then enter the current password and choose a new password. After that save the changes by clicking save changes.

  • Recovery through SMS

If any user wants bigpond password recovery through SMS then they should first ensure that their account not enrolled in login verification. If the account is enrolled in login verification then they can reset their password only through emails if not enrolled then they can follow these steps. This is only possible if the users have added their mobile number to their account then only they will receive password reset code through SMS. Users have to first enter their mobile number, email address or username from forgot password page then they will receive a code via SMS that they need to enter and choose a new password.

  • Recovery through secondary email account

If any user wants to reset the password through a secondary email account then they have to make sure that they have a secondary email address specified for the email account then they have to click on forget password on bigpond log in page then type the full email address on the account support page then they need to click next. After that bigpond will ask number of question to establish that user is the owner of the account. Users have to give proper answer to all the questions then click next and enter the new password.


So if users are not able to login in their existing account due to password that they might have forgotten then they can follow the above steps to recover it if they find difficultly in interpreting these steps then can contact our bigpond email support team who would help to do bigpond password recovery instantly. We have highly dedicated and experienced technicians who would help the user to get reliable and result oriented services. Our team provide full guarantee of security of the data whenever the user provides us access. The experts are happy to help the users round the clock and solve the problems within short span of time.


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